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Niquid E-liquid Review Part 1

Niquid E-liquid Review Part 1: A (nearly) comprehensive guide
A few weeks ago, I received the full line of Niquid E-liquid for review.  Of course, with nearly 30 flavors, I was unable to record a video that includes each and every here's a comprehensive list that includes almost the entire Nicquid line of juices! 

 I will be doing a video of a few select flavors soon as well.

A quick note:  Not every flavor I receive gets reviewed.  Some flavors, such as apple and certain menthols, are just not for me, and I wouldn't be able to score them in an unbiased way.  These flavors have been given away to others for their testing.  Thank you for understanding!

Overall, I have to say that the flavors fron Nicquid are very consistent with their names, as compared to other companies.  It's obvious to me that they take their time with testing and developing each flavor before releasing them in their lineup.  Even though not every flavor will appeal to every vaper, nearly everyone will find some in Niquid's lineup that they will fall in love with.

I'm also very impressed with the packaging; Every bottle is sealed in a tamper-proof plastic box, with ingredients listed and child-proof caps included.  The presentation is very professional.  Every detail has been thought out, down to color-coded caps based on types of flavors.

Ratings are one through five, and are scored as follows:


1-Poor- Completely un-vapeable or unpalatable.

2-Fair- Not something I would vape regularly, and/or is not a good example of a given flavor.

3-Good- A respectable score.  Will become a part of the rotation and/or is a decent example of a given flavor.

4-Very Good- These find their way into tanks regularly.  An exceptional score for exceptional flavors.

5-Excellent- Legendary eliquids.  These flavors either are, or have the capacity to become, extremely popular. They have a quality and flavor that truly sets them apart from all others.

**Also, somehow I forgot to mention that I used Genesis-style hybrid dripping atomizers for these juice tests.  If you're a carto fan, this generally means that my ratings are going to seem a bit higher when comparing throat hit and vapor, i.e. a heavy TH for me might only be a moderate TH when the same juice is used in a cartomizer.  The effects on flavor are similar as well.**

4/5 Blueberry: Smooth, sweetened blueberry flavor.  Reminds me of the blueberry "fruit on the bottom" yogurt cups. An outstanding example of a sweet, natural blueberry.
 TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3/5 Blueberry Tart:  Similar taste to Blueberry, with more tart notes and less creaminess.
 TH-Moderate/Strong V-Heavy

3.5/5 Strawnana Smoothie: Real strawberry flavor with some tartness.  Light banana base with some creaminess.  A good example of it's namesake.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3/5 Butterscotch: Sweet.  Butterscotch candy or pudding.  A bit too sweet for me, but a good example of it's namesake.
TH-Moderate V: Moderate

2/5 Midnight Express: Sour, salty pipe tobacco. Resembles Rawr Poison crossed with Halo Captain Jack and Dk Tab.  For me, borders on the un-vapeable.
TH-Light/Moderate V-Heavy

3/5 Peach:  Sweet, a bit candy-like (those gummy peach rings, kind of).
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3.5/5 Strawberry: A light, sweet natural strawberry w/other berry undertones.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3/5 Strawberry Fuzz: Strong strawberry flavor w/ a bit of fruit candy (peach?)
TH-Moderate/Heavy V-Moderate

3/5 Biscotti: Light, baked-goods flavor with notes of vanilla and cherry.  It DOES taste a bit like biscotti.
TH-Moderate V-Heavy

3.5/5 Chocolate- A very accurate dark chocolate, semi-sweet, but not a sweet vape at all.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate/Heavy

5/5 Cinnamon: Possibly the best cinnamon vape I've tried to date. Tastes like those red cinnamon candies, does not contain insoluble flavorings.
TH: Moderate, but unique due to cinnamon flavorings. Definitely some chest-expansion.  V- Moderate

2/5 Maraschino Blast: Not bad cherry flavor, but has moderate floral notes on the exhale.  Not a favorite.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3.5/5 Sinnabun: A buttery, sweet, fresh-bread-cinnamon flavor.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate


3/5M Sublime: Heavy on the menthol with light, bright lime on the exhale.
TH-Moderate/Heavy V-Moderate/Heavy

3/5M Orange Dreamsicle:  Strong menthol w/orangeade on the exhale.  Not a great example of its namesake, but a great flavor nonetheless.
TH-Strong V-Moderate

4/5M Sinthol: Very strong menthol, with strong, sweet cinnamon.
TH-Strong V-Moderate

3/5M Sinapse: A lighter cinnamon vape with a bit of apple, and light to moderate menthol.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3/5M Summertime Tea:  A sweet southern iced tea with a bit of menthol.
TH-Moderate V-Moderate

3/5MM Smoothol- Extreme menthol/Peppermint vape.  Very heavy.
TH-Strong V-Heavy

2/5M Bahama Breeze- An excellent citrus/menthol flavor, but due to the flavoring being insoluble, it is unstable, and the flavorings separate from the liquid within seconds or minutes.

Southern Freeze- A light, fruity menthol vape. Lots of berry flavor.
TH-Light V-Moderate

 Well, that's all I have for you all today.  Be sure to drop me a line at, or comment here!

Keep Calm and Vape On...


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