Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Master List (of APV Mods)

I recently answered a question where someone asked, "Where can I find an affordable Genesis Hybrid mod?".  Of course, I couldn't give them the answer they were looking for, because as everyone knows (or should know), there is no such thing.  All current hybrid mods are hand-made, or made in extremely small quantities, which drives up the price and lowers the availability to nil. 

However, the question is still pertinent, because you have to start *somewhere* if you want one of these things. so here is my official answer:

"Price is subjective. I've been doing extensive searching for a few weeks, and it is *hard enough* to find any Genesis Hybrids out there that are currently stocked by any suppliers, much less one for a "reasonable" price. The Orion v2.1 was selling for about $250, but as of today they are now out of stock at On that same site they were selling the iHybrid unit at a sale price of $215, and again it went fast, as these units are just so hard to come by without getting on a lengthy waiting list.

I've been using this list as a resource- I found it on another forum site posted by another member, but I feel like it is good info to have. The list is somewhat outdated, but much of it is still applicable, and it also includes rebuildable/ genesis-style tank systems as well as hybrids:

NGP (multiple versions)
Bulli (multiple versions)
Mark T Infinity Mark-T Infinity Atomiser Kit - Polished - Cloud 9 Vaping
The Ato-Miser
My-T & G-Bell by Yenki69 • Login
AviSS Genesis
The Orion by Nosmoker
The Hellfire Rebuildable Tanks
LS-E Startseite Liquid Stube - Die Liquid Stube
Genesis Maxi/Min/Line SS/Line V2 by Van VaporWall
GG Odysseus Welcome to Clouds Of Vapor
GG Penelope Welcome to Clouds Of Vapor
KruserOne Kruser | Facebook
GLV Elektrische Zigarette E-Zigarette Elektronische Zigarette bei inTaste
Talos (to com June 2012) Elektrische Zigarette E-Zigarette Elektronische Zigarette bei inTaste
Patriot Mega Ato Reparable PATRIOT MEGA Galvanizado - Cigarrillos electrónicos easyVap
Phantom V21/V18
Clearome ecigfr - Clearomes
Katana mailto:
Defcon Mini S & S MODS - Home - Broadway, VA
eShots Phoenix Eshots Personal Vaporizers and Premium Liquids

Again, it has not been updated for 3 months, so it is a bit outdated, but it is a great starting point. Best of luck (to both of us, heh)"

So there you have it, the "master list".

I have a few more to add: -ZEN dealer, North America    -The Ihybrid (IN STOCK AS OF 9-26)  -GG/Imeo Products    -Kir Fanis Tanks      -The exclusive Z-atty-Pro dealer, North America

...Any more suggestions? Post them below!!

-The Vaping Ninja

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