Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q&A 1: The "Best" New Tank System?

First off, I should mention that along with being a PV user since mid-2009, I've also been on the ECF forums since June of the same year.  Along with that comes "Vet" status on the forums, which allows for answering questions posted by users in the special "Ask the Vets" subforum.  So basically, from time to time, when I see a decent question come up that I've posted an answer to, I'll publish the answer to the question here.  As always, I welcome any and all comments!

Question: I'm not a new vaper, but I've lost interest and come back, taken a break but returned, etc.  When I left I had a high-end PV such as the Provari v.1, GG, etc. and one of the first tank systems available.  What's the best that's out there now?

My Answer:  "There have been a lot of improvements lately.The DCT (dual coil cartomizer tank) is among the biggest improvements out there. I've been using a few of them successfully for awhile, and there are also tanks for single-coil cartos out there as well. Prices range from $6-8 and up for the plastic ones up to $50+ for Glass or small-production-run units.

**Edit: I was unaware of the V1 version of the provari having a 2.5 amp switch. If you have the V1, I cannot recommend the DCT's unless you swap the dual coil carto out with an XL single coil. Thanks to TJ and his post below for pointing that out!**

Phiniac is the name-brand glass-tank maker. Smoktech makes the cheap DCT's that most people have been using.

For the cutting-edge, the Genesis-style tanks are just starting to be a mass-produced item. They can be expensive and hard-to-get (read: LONG waiting list/SHORT stock times). will be stocking the Z-attyPro, which is a Genesis-style made to go with your Provari, and here is a message from their subforum:

"These will go on sale next week for $149.95. Estimated for Tuesday at 1pm pst. We will have a limited number of units available."

I would say conservatively that they will sell out within the hour that they are released, probably sooner.

The new DID clone is the most cost-effective and easiest way to get into Gen style systems. It is probably the first mass-produced unit of its kind. I would get on the list in the co-ops to get one at a great price (I paid $9.82 for mine a few days ago), or check out discountvapers for a reasonable price and less wait-time (they claim they will be in stock very soon @ $25).

The genesis systems have a learning curve, but tutorials are easy to find both here on the forums and on youtube."

A few notes:  First of all, if you did not understand something that I posted about, please ask a question about the specific device/system etc. below, and I will reply shortly, either as a new blog post or as another comment.

Secondly, there are two big variables here that run separate to each other when it comes to successful tanks:  The price, where the old adage of "you get what you pay for" is usually true- a hand-machined tank will almost always last longer and *usually* will work better than a $6 DCT from China; And the second variable is the level of technological advancement of the device- because, the devices are being upgraded and modified so fast, that as soon as one system comes out, another one is on the horizon that will make it obsolete- and the Chinese have this down to a science. Edit:  This is progressing- China is starting to really compete directly with the high-end PV device and accessory makers. At this point, there are many excellent tank systems and devices coming out of china, many of which rival the best of what the exclusive mod market has to offer.

  Case in point:  Will your original DID work any better than the new Chinese DID clone with stainless-steel wick and rebuildable carto? At the moment, it may- in fact, most likely it will.  However, the hundred-plus dollar difference in price immediately sends the consumer away from the beautiful hand-made DID towards the clone.  It's kind of like when Samsung started copying Apple products- when they first started, the Iphone was still superior. Eventually the Samsung phones caught up and even surpassed the Iphone in terms of technology.  Of course, this is all debatable (mostly by the fanboys of said expensive-r products), but all in the same, I see a future full of chinese clones of the most fabled pieces of Vaping Art.  
Edit: These days, the production versions of the DID clone are up to par with the original in every area of the build except for the materials;  Even then, there is a new Stainless Steel Version that will be appearing for sale in the states very shortly!

Any questions? Comments? Let me know!

-The Vaping Ninja

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